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rtsa drug addiction friendsRTSA not only provides services for those in need ...

but also serves as an outlet for finding lifelong friendships throughout the recovery process.

List of resources that people can call/ go to for help

Ask yourself these questions...

  1. Do you drink or use to overcome shyness or to feel more confident?
  2. Are you having money troubles because of drinking or using?
  3. Do you ever stay home from work because of drinking or using?
  4. Is drinking or using causing trouble in your family?
  5. Is drinking or using giving you a bad reputation?
  6. Have you lost a job or a business because of drinking or using?
  7. Do you drink or use to escape your problems?
  8. Do you drink or use when you are alone?
  9. Do you have blackouts? (Loss of memory for events that happened or actions you performed while drinking or using?)
  10. Do you feel remorse after drinking or using?
  11. Do you need a drink at a definite time every day?
  12. Do you drink in the morning?
  13. Have you ever been in a hospital because of drinking or using?
  14. Has a doctor ever treated you for your drinking or using?
  15. Do you drink or use too much at the wrong time?
  16. Do you make promises to yourself or others about drinking or using?
  17. Do you have to keep on drinking or using once you've started?
  18. Is drinking or using making it hard for you to sleep?
  19. Have you had an accident because of drinking or using?
  20. Do you drink or use to relieve the painfulness of living?
  21. Do you have trouble disposing of cans and bottles?
  22. Are you less particular about people you are with and the places you go when you are drinking or using?
  23. Have you been arrested more than once for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs?
  24. Has drinking or using affected your health?

One “Yes” Answer: You may have or you may develop a problem with alcohol or other drugs.

Two or More “Yes” Answers: Indicates you have problems with alcohol and /or drugs and should seek help immediately