Serenity Profile July 2018 Newsletter

Page 2 Serenity Profile July 2018  RTSA has engaged local college students on multiple occasions, allowing them to assist in the data collection process and help RTSA increase its social media presence.  RTSA operates Trollinger Treasures, an upscale thrift store that aids in raising funds for the organization. The residents of RTSA help in the operation and earn credits for their efforts.  RTSA is preparing to unveil an attractive, informative, and easy-to-navigate website.  RTSA has purchased a Braille AA guidebook and has used this guidebook as a resource for persons who are blind or have low vision. As I reflect on this accreditation review, I realize we are blessed with the people who surround us. Our staff are competent, caring, compassionate and work well together providing quality services. Continued from Page 1, RTSA Strengths Special thanks to St. Marks Church, First Presbyterian Church of Burlington and the Gordon Painter Sunday School Class of First United Methodist Church of Graham for their monthly pledges to RTSA. Union Ridge United Church of Christ for the donation of twin sheets. Gibsonville United Methodist Church for paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex and etc.) and hygiene items. First United Methodist Church of Graham toiletries bags for our residents. Ronnie Jones for the donation of donuts on a weekly basis, along with a roast and turkey for the Hall Avenue facility. Bethany Presbyterian Church, Circle #4 for the donation of paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex and etc.) on a continuing basis. Trailhead Church for the donation of approximately 30 cases of socks. The socks will benefit our residents and bring revenue to our re-sale boutique, Trollinger Treasures . Bethany Presbyterian Church Women for organizing a jewelry drive among the church women for the Women Helping Women RTSA Jewelry Benefit Sale Employee Spotlight We are spotlighting employee Jerry Kinsey, a dedicated employee who provides much support to the agency. Jerry can be found on any given day transporting residents to twelve step meetings, coordinating volunteers with pickups for Trollinger Treasures, picking up supplies for RTSA, coordinating the mowing of lawns at Hall Avenue, the Administrative Offices and Trollinger Treasures, or making minor repairs, painting, and maintenance of RTSA’s facilities. He is a jack-of-all-trades! Jerry brings levity to the many situations that may arise when you have 17 men living in a facility trying to build a personal recovery pro- gram. Jerry’s sobriety has as- sisted him in being a role model and peer for others in recovery. Jerry came to our program as a patient in our detoxification center several times before finally deciding he needed a life changing experience to put him on the road to recovery. Jerry went through our long term residential program. Jerry participated in that program and was a star resident who really became involved in building a personal recovery program. After Jerry had two years of sobriety, he was hired to assist us at the Hall Avenue fa- cility. In May, Jerry celebrated five years of recovery. A fellow staff member who grew up in the same neigh- borhood as Jerry has been quoted saying, “Jerry was our Otis of Mayberry”. Treatment works, and Jer- ry is living proof and he is using his sobriety to help oth- ers in need. Thank you - Jerry Kinsey for all you do for the RTSA family. Do you need detoxification? Call 336-227-7417 for a pre-screening 24 hours a day. Start your recovery with us!