Serenity Profile July 2018 Newsletter

Page 3 Serenity Profile July 2018 RTSA loses past Board Member Robert Harding Windham, Jr ., 69, passed away Friday, June 8, 2018, at his home in Seven Lakes. Robert served Alamance County as a Clinician, Coordinator and later Director of Adult Services for the Alamance Area Mental Health Authority. As a strong advocate for 24 hour mental health and substance abuse services, Robert served from 1987 - 1996 on the Board of Directors for Wesley Hall of Alamance, Inc. and during the name change to Residential Treatment Services of Alamance in 1990. Congressman Walker Visits RTSA Sixth District Congressman Mark Walker and several staff members visited the Hall Avenue facility for a tour and to learn more about addiction services in Alamance County. Congressman Walker has held two Opioid Round Tables in Alamance County learning more about the Opioid Crisis and how the need for available treatment services are essential for those in need at the time of the crisis & when help is being sought. Thanks for supporting solutions to the Opioid Crisis. Congressman Mark Walker with            ��ec���e Director, �on �s�orne             & Clinical Director, Carolyn Carter  RTSA loses a dear Pharmacist Clyde Wayne Quick , 69, passed away June 18, 2018 at the Hospice Home. Clyde was a dear friend to Residential Treatment Services of Alamance. Clyde was instrumental in conducting peer reviews of our medication procedures. This past May, Medical Village Apothecary won our Community Partner of the Year award and much of that award was due to the work of Clyde Quick. Lisa Holley returns to Trollinger Treasures We are pleased to announce that Lisa Holley is back with Residential Treatment Services of Alamance as Co-Manager of Trollinger Treasures. Come by the store and welcome Lisa back and congratulate Rhonda for getting some much needed help. Both Lisa and Rhonda will work as co-managers, where Lisa will concentrate on store sales, pricing and display while Rhonda will be concentrating on ac- cepting donations, storage and preparing items for sale. Welcome back Lisa! RTSA loses past Employee Ernell G. McTillman, 81 passed away on June 26, 2018. Ernell retired from Residential Treatment Services of Alamance in 1999. She worked the front desk at the Hall Avenue facility as a Health Care Technician for 25 years. Ernell held no fancy degrees, but she had the skills of a fabulous clinician, she could calm anyone down with her soft spoken voice and have them feeling better in no time. Memorials The following memorials were received since our last newsletter. John F. Barry by Katharine Barry Mike Creech by Victoria Frye Wilkes Thomas “Wilkie” Hughes, Jr. by Richard & Laura Westover Ernell Garner McTillman by Ron & Janine Osborne Clyde Wayne Quick by Ron & Janine Osborne Betty Shook by Janice Pulliam Robert H. Windham, Jr. by Thomas & Judith Bobo by Rose Anne Gant by the Grass Cutters of Pinehurst by Ron & Janine Osborne by Larry & Gay Sharpe by Roy Sonovick by Melanie & Larry Thomas by Vickie & Tom Whitaker