Serenity Profile A publication of Residential Treatment Services of Alamance, Inc. November 2018 Treatment works, and we need more 24-hour facilities providing services! From the Desk of Ron Osborne We see individuals come to treatment who are broken. They have had little hope for being able to overcome their addiction and/or mental illness. We see the struggles and the broken promises that have been made. When someone comes through our doors they are usually unemployed, emotionally drained, spiritually broken, having lost family or have little in the way of healthy relationships with family and peers. Nearly all come to us with no finances and few have clothing for another day. Their lives have become unmanageable and they are desperate for someone to assist them in the right direction to recovery. Once they begin our program of recovery they realize they are in a safe, secure place with staff who care about their well-being. They are fed well, they attend a morning devotion and two group sessions a day, while also attending at least five twelve step meetings a week. Each individual is assigned chores around the facility. Classes and individual sessions with their clinician become the learning experience that they all cherish. Healthy relationships are being built, encouraged and nourished. They begin to see and understand that others care for their successes and they start to trust others and begin to make healthy decisions for themselves. The staff find it rewarding to see our residents’ plans coming together as they begin to build a personal recovery program. The gratitude toward life and a program of recovery becomes stronger and stronger, and we the staff, get to experience some extremely rewarding episodes watching residents grow, becoming responsible adults, caring for others and reuniting with family and friends. Our Board of Directors are exploring the expansion of our programs. We are working with an individual in the community who would like to see our services expanded. The ability to offer long term residential programs is essential to the success of the men and women we serve. A committee has be formed to explore the best services for expansion. We are working with Cardinal Innovations and will be working with the NC State Division of Facility Services for renovations and licensure of property to be possibly donated to RTSA. We anticipate a continuing partnership of several agencies so the best services and wrap around services can be provided to this population. Of course with the expansion, we are exploring all options for revenues to assist us in funding these endeavors. When making your end of the year contributions, please consider the work that is going on at RTSA and how these services need to be duplicated so many others can also receive them. I am a firm believer that we will find the needed monies to carry forward. Please continue your support of RTSA. I am hopeful that in the immediate future we will be making an announcement about the expansion for future services. Be sure to read the stories from several of our residents at Hall Avenue on page 3. Treatment does work! Keep RTSA in your prayers! May each of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the coming year be filled with good health, adequate resources, new and renewed