Page 2 Serenity Profile November 2018 John & Eleanor Moon for the purchase of two rocking chairs to replace two stolen rockers from our Mebane Street Recovery Home for Women. A lot of recovery will be discussed while the women are sitting in these chairs. Also, thanks to Wendy Jordan for wood burning our logo into the rocking chairs which will hopefully discourage anyone from wanting to steal them. Tom Whitaker , Board Member, for his vast hours of volunteering at Trollinger Treasures . Tom often finds things donated that are broken or need a paint job, etc. Tom has refinished furniture, painted items, cleaned many items and fixed or altered them for re- sale. Sharron Joyce for cleaning, tagging and pricing jewelry for our annual sale. Sharron alone has cleaned almost every piece of jewelry donated for this year’s sale. ACC Culinary Department, Isabel Baker, Centro Kitchen, Gracie Cohen, Nicole Hadley, Mary Margaret Harris, David & Stephanie Hunt, Natalie Miles, Janine Osborne, Bobby Wade, Tom & Vickie Whitaker and Yesterday’s Grill for donating the decadent deserts for the Women’s Night Out Jewelry Benefit Sale. Thanks also goes to Holly Hill Mall for donating the space for our event. Kevin Bruce who continues to donate Gatorade several times a week for the past year and a half for those individuals in our Detoxification Unit. Thanks Kevin for helping us serve those in need of detoxification. an anonymous donor who was a past client of our Mebane Street Recovery Home for Women. When she heard we were struggling to keep the home open due to funding; she graciously wrote us a check for $2,000 to assist with the operations of the home that changed her life. Paul Brim who donated his services as an auctioneer for our Annual Fundraiser, Bid & Boogie. Thanks also go to all the businesses and individuals who donated items for the silent and live auctions. Welcome back Steve Walton, LCAS RTSA is fortunate to have Steve Walton, LSAC return to RTSA after his retirement. Steve is able to step up and carry a case load while overseeing several groups on a regular basis. Steve worked for the agency in several capacities during his tenure at RTSA for approximately 20 years and is now working part-time for the agency. Employee Spotlight We are pleased to highlight Cecil “Chappy” Moser our Food Services Coordinator and Health Care Technician. Chappy has been with the organization since July 6, 2015, where he has provided delicious meals for our residents of the Hall Avenue facility and those going through detoxification or facility based crisis services. The men in the residential program are extremely grateful for his delicious meals and his presentation of the meal. The men are eager to help Chappy bring in groceries, set the table and of course consume a meal. Chappy has been seen instructing residents how to properly set a table and explaining the use of certain utensils. RTSA is fortunate to have Chappy bringing humor to work and providing some of the best dishes ever. Thanks Chappy for being you. RTSA loses former Board Members Recently RTSA has lost two of our former board members. William “Bill” Eason Price, Jr. died October 30, 2018, and he served on the Board of Directors from 1996 - 2008. Bill was a retired regional accountant for the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services. Gwendolyn Harrelson died on November 12, 2018. Gwendolyn served on the Board from 1992 to 2003. Gwendolyn was a retired educator and Church Musician at the First Baptist Church of Apple Street. Both of these Board members were active during the building of the Crestview Group Homes, the purchases of the Mebane Street facility and the opening of Trollinger Treasures . RTSA was fortunate to have the leadership qualities of these two fine individuals who served on the Board of Directors. This community is a better place due to the dedicated work of both Bill and Gwendolyn.