Page 3 Serenity Profile November 2018 The following memorials and honorariums were received since our last newsletter. Memorials A Very Special Person by Victoria C. Frye John Barry by Katharine Barry Steve Benfield by Sylvia Hayes Lorraine Burke by Rudy & Betty Tranchetti Richard Cockman by Janice Pulliam Gwendolyn Harrelson by Ron & Janine Osborne Mary & Peg Holder by Eleanor Borst Don Honeycutt by John & Eleanor Moon Caroline & Iredell Hutton by John Hutton Thomas Eugene Long by Frank & Carol Smith William (Bill) Eason Price, Jr. by Ron & Janine Osborne Clyde Quick by Susan Abernethy by Jim & Janie Crouch Carol Robertson by Ron & Janine Osborne Sue Walton by John & Eleanor Moon Robert H. Windham, Jr. by Susan Abernethy by Sterling & Joyce Baker by John Hutton by John & Eleanor Moon Honorariums Chuck Pierce by Peggy Jenks by Janet Woody Ron & Ester Philabaum by Sally Combs Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Steele by Tom & Kim Steele I came to RTSA in early October 2018. I was nervous at first, moving into an unfamiliar place with a group of strangers. A new environment with different surroundings had me anxious and unsure. In a short time I found a friendly staff whose arms were open wide and gifted me with smiles. The residents were quick to welcome me, neighborly, and helpful “showing me the ropes”. I was given a bed and fed food, three times every day that was more than edible. I was required to do chores and attend classes and AA meetings daily. Here I was learning structure and responsibility, character and discipline. We study the disease of addiction and take a deep moral inventory of ourselves. We discuss spiritual principals and guidelines to help better ourselves. We hear speakers share their experiences, strength and hope. It’s encouraging when I can relate and use their story to help deal with my struggles. Our counselors teach us about “triggers” to steer us away from relapse and guide us towards recovery. I’m learning a lot here and I’m enjoying my stay. I went from being lost to having direction and my ambiguity is turning into focus. - JP I’m currently living at RTSA, undergoing treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction. I have been using for close to 20 years. Every holiday for as long as I can remember, I have been under the influence of some kind of drug while being around my family and friends. My family knew I was using and wouldn’t say anything, but I knew they knew. I even felt unwanted at some family gatherings and that was hard to deal with. But in my time here at RTSA, I have learned important facts about addiction and I learned new ways of dealing with my problems instead of using drugs. If I fix myself, then my problems with addiction will follow. This year will be my first that I will celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas clean and sober in 20 years. I feel wanted again by my family and also my new family at RTSA. - DT I am a 53 year old man that came to RTSA as someone with no direction in my life. RTSA showed me tools so I could live a better life. They showed me kindness and that there are people out there that really care about you, despite your past. They have given me life tools, like how to talk to people when I am not in my right frame of mind. They have given me a chance to be around other addicts that have been in the 12-step program and have good jobs, housing and cars. They have taught me how to build back relationships with my loved ones. This will be my first Christmas in 20 years that I will be sober and I thank God and RTSA for that. May God Bless them all from the bottom of my heart - AW I’ve never been on my own let alone in treatment for my addictions. I’m only 21, and being on my own is still relatively new due to having 4 other siblings and a rather close knit family. I am not sure how to handle holidays on my own. I usually spend them with people who I called friends but all we had in common was an addiction. I feel that the best gift I am receiving this season is treatment to my addiction. I feel that it’s been a rabid dog in a tin foil cage that I am finally attempting to put down. I’m proud of myself for that and I look forward to making something of myself with my life. To whoever is reading this, I hope that your Christmas will be as beautiful as mine. I wish that you enjoy the ones you love and care about as much as you can. Treat them as if they are ripe fruit in a season of harvest and squeeze as many laughs, hugs, and loving moments as you can from their company. God Bless, TP Stories from our Hall Avenue facility!